Sow the seeds now that you hope to bear fruit in the future

I fear that if we don’t sow the seeds and plant the message of forgiveness and reconciliation now, it will be too late when it is needed, and we will have but dead seeds yet to sprout or bear fruit. It frightens me. We must take care now!

It has been said that Commandments 2-10 are commentary on the First, and stem from the breaking of that First. I think they may also be seen in the opposite manner. It is easier to break the Tenth, then the Ninth, then the Eighth, and so forth, until the First is no longer an obstacle to us. The Devil starts small, then works and weasels his way until the crack is large and unpatchable.

We all have need to repent. All of us. So let us do so, confessing that we have sinned against God and against our brothers and sisters; then let us hear God’s absolution for us, be reconciled to Him for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, and then be reconciled to one another in His perfect love.

This may sound idealistic. But I have hope in God’s strength and love and mercy to bring about events and outcomes that are wonderful and amazing and impossible and, yes, even idealistic.