Losing loved ones sucks

My dad told me that life support had been removed from my grandmother around 3pm PST. It has been rough for me. I only grew up with two grandparents, both on my dad’s side, so I had a very special relationship with both of those grandparents. My grandfather died in April 2014, and that left only my grandmother. And now she’s going…In fact, one regret I have is that the last time I saw my grandmother was at my grandfather’s funeral. I think I’ve seen her maybe twice in 9 years? that sucks. I hate it.
I called her yesterday. My dad called me and said I should. I talked to her and told her I loved her, how much of a blessing she was in my life, that we can hope in God’s love for us, that she was like a mom to my mom once my mom’s mom died, and how much that meant to me, and once again, that I loved her so much. I was crying. I could barely keep it together. It sucked. But I wouldn’t trade that phone call for anything. I wish I could be out there. My hospital chaplaincy has shown me just how special it is when families gather around a love one at the hospital, and I wish I could be there to be with my grandma and with my aunts and uncles and cousins. I hate that I’m not in Sacramento right now.
I hate that I will never have one last visit with her. Before my grandfather died, we knew his time was short so I visited him over Christmas break. It meant the world to me that I could, and I hate that I won’t have that chance with my grandmother.
At the same time, I know that we Christians have the ultimate hope in Christ. We have the hope of resurrection. Death sucks. There’s no way around it. It sucks because we aren’t supposed to die; it is unnatural because God didn’t create us to die. It is a horrible thing because it separates us from each other and because it separates us from our bodies. We are made body and soul, not embodied souls or animated bodies…body AND soul, and that is disrupted in death. Heaven cannot be our home, because only a part of us will be there. Thankfully we have a vision of how it will be in Jesus Christ. When he was resurrected from the grave he was not a spirit…he was a human body that could be touched and could eat. It was a glorified body. And in his ascension he has promised to return, and on that day he will give us resurrected and glorified bodies, and we will live on a perfect, recreated earth with him, our Lord, forever. Death is not the end for us, and heaven is but a pit stop along the way to fulfillment in Christ. And I cannot wait for that day when my grandmother will be reunited, body together with soul, and live forever with her Lord.
Dear Lord, may you help me and all my family in this time of hurt and pain. We know that death hurts, and you know that too. You have mourned death and you know what it is to die. But you rose and have promised to return, so give us an increase of faith so we too may trust in your Holy Word, and praying “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.” Amen.